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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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ben chavis missing him the cold weather last night, and now she is recovering, stacey frey has the latest. >> investigation into allegeded grade rigging, tell you is getting a contract extension despite the controversy. >> we sold nearly 2,000 tickets for the st. jude dream home giveaway have a look at the
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update on that missing 2 -year-old overnight . police believe they believe that someone had her the drop her off near the corner where she was found, get to stacey frey with the latestet . bob laufer was treated and children's hospitald the 2 -year-old wasn' cold and wet but no visible injuries, police said that her condition is not io consistent with being out in in the cold for four hours, and she got out of the house on randall
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p.m. she was not found until just before 1:00 a.m. it's unlikelyp that a 2-year-old could have survived that long in those overnight temperatures in the teens . the police say the police say the man who found her likely save her life, we talk to him.ppsa >> i saw her near dear to bush and fallen down in the snow and then i put my car and parked it on my hazards andd then she grabbed me i put her into the the car and i call the police.p >> down safely, a lot of panic, there were dozens of people searching last night, using helicopters as well, it and it was that man, andrew, who said he was at at his sister's house,ho
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and took a different route home on the off chance that he might spot this little girl and he didn't coin the police have confirmed the story, they have no idea m who, had that little t girl but the suspicion is there's no way that she could have been out there that someone must have had her. >> deserve the chance that maybe she was taken from the house clan though they are notde . the head of the teachers union in strasburg is asking fort an investigation into alleged grade rigging scheme involving the superintendentd, school board has agreed to extend the superintendent's contract. >> i am disappointed, but it reached this point and i look forward to continuing to work work with work with a staff listed as the committee to give our kids the best education that they >> the school board for the strasburg franklin local schools so thatls they support cyndi brown
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night for three more years . more than two dozen teachers signed a resolution seeking an investigation accusing her of changing students grades do inflate performance .go many parents spoke in support of the superintendent's. >> i. >> i feel very strongly. that the strasburg board of education got it right when they hiredt mrs. brown to leave the district . >> teachers are trained to evaluate students and their grades based on what they are not what the administration told them that they >> the president of the teachers union says they do not want her to resign or to be fired right now, and the school board president saysndo he will cooperate with any state investigation but that they saved the board has no plans for its own investigation. >> mike dewine plans to act as a
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the death of a woman who died in police custody, tanisha anderson died november 2014 while struggling with officers when they try to take tried to take her in for a ai evaluation family claiming she died after she was slammed to the ground, her death was ruled a homicide but said that heart trouble and mental illness were factors in the death,t cuyahoga county prosecutor tim mcginty asked mike dewine to take over the case to avoid any conflict of intereststas . >> attack on a security guard at american hospitals security guard and american hospital is the focus of investigation by the department of labor,pigua osha will look into the stabbing of an unarmed security guard at akron st. thomas hospital tuesday night the car was working and the psych ward, is expected to recover, the suspect ,, andrew wallace is facing a charge of felonious assaultlt. >> we have some beautiful sunny skies.
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snow with no not want it to happen too fast because we don't want any concerns with flooding . c the show to show you a live luck .sh anytime you dasani here, in wintertime i am happy it is just a beautiful winter day in just a bit on the cold side will be warming up and the upcoming weekend so enjoy it grab your sunglasses if you are out and about today you will need your sunglasses . today a high of 32 degrees at 2:00 p.m. and at 5:00 p.m. with a windchill it
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we are excited, and proud to announce that once again the
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and beyond and help us to support another extraordinary cause. >> this morning we started the fourth annual st. jude dream home campaign and in just 96 minutes we sold out 18,000888 tickets. that is that, we sold our folks, thank you, thank youd . this is what it is all about it here . do you want to say anything. thank you. this year's top prize is a single level home with a bonus feature on tops and a partially finished basement, cleveland custom homes is building the
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half a million dollars, in the newscast later going to check in withn st jude patient carson higgins to see how he's doing today.en the presidential campaign moves
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democrats nevada it appears to be a dead heat the latest cnn poll has hillary clinton at 48 percent in bernie sanders and bernie sanders 47 percent, republicansan go to the polls on saturday in south carolina, but didn't donald trump in front
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, digits, marco rubio and ted cruz are locked in a tight race for second place. because of a bad infestation, dozens were found in the walls and ceilings of the good shepherd kilgorefels er, forcing them to reduce rooms available to patients, they're trying to get rid of the bats and reason operations . magic go to the gas station and instead of gasoline you get water in the gas tank and happen at a pennsylvania gas station, customers who filled up at the busy bee, began to stall shortly after getting gasoline investigation has determined that they were selling watered-downw gasoline, and they say gas station owners are responsible for finding and fixing the problems that they caused.a
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is serving burgers with a side of scripture that is scripture that is drawn controversy,ur sonic location has been attaching stickers with bible verses on the bags of food given tot takeout customers in the past they have printed scripture on the scene receipt some people said they just prefer the order to be correct instead of getting a sermon.d >> go to the sonic and here is a bible verse to go with your h hammer and hamburger that's kind of weird . >> everybody needs to have god have god in their life. >> sonic corporate says the company is not associated with any religion and franchisees arere great allowed to do whatever
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it is so nice to see the sun out there is absolutely gorgeous continuous unfilled sky today tomorrow, clouds return but we will have it around 50 degrees .
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increased windsme tomorrow out of the south around 20 -- 30 gusting up to 50 possible there could be a wind advisory issued for tomorrow but so fardv has not happened yetar . the model weekend ahead on saturday, mid- 50s and upper 40s on sunday, a nice-looking weekend, unfortunately,n the sun comes out andc you have these mild temperatures and stability then you also get the mud so not a great thing would have to clean off your dock street . at least forget the warm mild temperatures . 63 kansas city .
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and 62, just to the south, high pressure in place brings us beautiful sunshine keep in the clouds away for the moment, the warm front tonight,aw able brain cloud cover back unleashing mild temperatures across the region . you can see the clouds started to thicken up around 9:00 p.m. tonight .e a could be a sprinkle possible . that will be pushing out towards lake erie . your morning commute tomorrow will be
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tonight 30 degrees, cloudy melbourne, tomorrow, about 50 degrees with a passing shower ord two and see some breaks of sunshineo, looking at the 8 -day outlook, on saturday, lots of sunshine and about 55 degrees . to the south that could reach 60 on sunday upper 40s the next system moving in with upper 40s . on tuesday night into wednesday,
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some of that heavy wet snow but this is still way too soon to determinene the direction . . still ahead, how do you take your coffeeow. >> your flavored coffee may be
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toyota is recalling nearly 3 million suvs worldwide because of seatbelt problems, the company said that a flaw could cause some rear seatdd helps to fail, the vehicles are toyota rav-4, rav 4-ev and vanguard, most were built between 2,005 in 2014, toyota dealers say that they will fix the problem at no costy. >> mikey cutting ties with ties to manny pacquiao over comments v about gay people, he is also a congressman in the philippines said in a tv interview that gay people s he said are worse than
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no longer do business with him, and he has apologized for his choice of words . >> skipping soda pop and drinking starbucks may not be any healthier, the study found some flavored coffee drinks have more sugar than soft drinks action on sugar analyzed 131 hot drinks and coffee shops like starbucks finds that some of them contain up to 25th teaspoons of sugar that is25 three times more than a typical can of soda pop and three times more than an daily recommended intake for an adult according to the american heart association, starbucks says it is committed to reducing added sugar in itco drinks by 20 percent by 2020 . the tiny houses are all the rage
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children's hospital when she was found earlier this morning she was cold but no physical injuries according to the police they say that's not consistent with a 2-year-old girl out of the cold in the cold for four hours . . she got out of the house aboute a 45:00 p.m. . when i found until just before 1:00 a.m. about 1 mile away from home, highly unlikely likely that she could have survived that long for automated telephone in the temperatures in the teens overnight . they say the man man who fell to likely saved her life and we talked two >> she held up her hands as she was happy to see meh she gave me
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car, but i called 911 and waited for the place she was just relaxed and calm because she call because she knew that she was safe.el >> google for the past,, to find her after this time,p in my opinion, it was a miracle. i believe that god was watching over. >> the police believe that that someone heldic a child that dropped her offld near the corner for she was found,the then the he founder, was at his sister's homeme he heard that the girl was missing so he took a different route home on the off chance off chance of you my spotter and he did the police have confirmed the story, and the police say that he likely saved her life. in other headlines, a man has been charged in the shooting
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royalton, 25 you entered a not a guilty plea and given a tour of 50,000-dollar bond the defense lawyer called the ordeal a tragic accident and not need to kill crystal schaffer the family of the victim was wasn't courtney said that was always smiling and have a particle .w a couple of tiny houses are being built or is brittany harris explains . vacant lot at the intersection of west 58th and pear avenue se has been empty for years that won't be the case much longer as they plan to build two tiny houses. >> to start construction this spring and be done by jim>> looking to sell both.
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is the project operation manager for the detroit shoreway kitty development organization are teaming they're teaming up with citizens banknk and sutton development group to build houses he says that they will be eco- friendly energy efficient. >> are going to be extremely energy efficient not what people are expecting probably less than $400 for the entire year fuel billa. >> key sentences in charge of construction said they will be priced between $125,000.1 and $50,000 he thinks that anybody can live in a place like this. >> it is going to be a broad appeal for just about any age segment you can grow grow old in his home and it will be appealing to younger buyers because of the portability. >> project has been in the works and has been part of an
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in clevelandan and their seems to be a big one.a >> i get calls from people more interested in the productg and to hear more about it. >> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> for more about these tiny ti houses go to fox >> sun has finally returned. >> it makes you feel better . it's great to see the sunshine today .. and hopefully warm things up as we said things into the weather center with jenn >> new-media sunshine in the
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is visible satellite . we were called last night because of radiation cooling . the temperature as low as mind blow and geauga and ashtabula county .ab expecting a warm front to push throughxp the reach of man that will and then upper 30s tomorrow morning . you will
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today a high of 33 degrees . found on saturday, 55 degrees and will be windy on friday winds gusting as much as 50 . on sunday a slight chance of a shower late day into the upper 40s next will be tuesday night and wednesday with the east coast or in the direction to be difference between snowfall orono snowfall. it is an italian staple. >> was hiding and that sprinkle
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under pasta, which he thought wasas 100 percent parmesan cheese
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fda says some companies fill the parmesan cheese with cut-rate fillers like wood to maximize profits, testing by bloomberg news ons, jewel brand brand 1 percent parmesan cheese fell nearly 9 percent was an anti- clotting agent, they say that they are investigating anda they pride themselves on quality. >> you you remember wonton power st jude patient ambassadors, carson higgins . this year he cannot join she cannot join us because he is at st jude receiving treatment. >> who talked talk to him and his mom through skype here . lou maglio with an update. >> since our first st. jude dream home campaign carson higgins, now 12, has been an
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remarkable, but he wasrr three years old he was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma underwent treatment, for eight years he then showed no evidence of the disease until this past november that is when the cancer returned to clickd hard to have relapsed and that go back to treatment and to be away from the family that we feel blessed that we canh come to st jude and know that most of the doctors and nurses are here that we knowt it is like our second home. i start to have back pain thing i got extreme pain that i went to the hospital and had chemo, and then four more rounds of harsher chemo and they said that the tumor shrunk a little bit and now i am ready to get radiation
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with chemo which might actually start today w. means a lot to us, the thoughts and prayers, he cannot really tell you, but you probably read it that when he was diagnosed he said thatou i just have some extremely bad luck but i'm ready to fight, god he'll heal the he'll be less less time and he can heal me again and this time i'm old enough to tell the story . . >> are so thankful to st jude the support of people rolled ro country that supports st jude so that we can get this amazing >> two top off interview he showed us his woollybear t-shirt that we said two him and he shared a big thank you.llat >> thank you for buying the
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supporting st jude. >> that's right, thank you to all who support this cause and campaigned. >> he is such a positive attitude and is an inspiration, he spends his daystu reading books because he loves to read. >> if you like to send him a card, to share your support, go to fox story of a police officer with a secret scary life.
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isom with more. it was after midnight, she was on her way home from a night out in nocona city, then her rearview mirror she saw the flashing lights of the police car pulled over and this was no routine traffic stopth inside albany cop car, a young patrol officer namedc daniel holdsclaw. >> he was petting down and said let mew me know if you got any illegal drugs and i won't arrest you and i said i don't have any illegal drugs and then he said in a a funny things with them in the back of the police car. >> act like it's going going to restaurants and restaurant and
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>> he unzipped his pants and said come onon and i said, do not make we do this, do not make we do this. >> the fourth encounter cliff leeee sexual bully with a badge, and left him traumatized and feeling helpless but her family finally convinced her to report the incident. lefa on people believe that he was a bully and i couldn't do anything .a >> report would unravel a twisted tale of a quick cop onon the the make the pain the make potato victims too afraid to fight back the clock you can watchch crime watch daily on fox 8
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every year you probably get your your teeth clean cleaned and ice check y. >> did you know that it is to support to have a hearing screeningri screening and joined this minute by doctor kathy mcgowan from the with more information . you should have an annual hearing screeningng especially at a certain age. and before a certain age because you need a baseline commonor to do o that in school that we don't think about until we get into our 40s and 50s to cuti 40 percent of american adults between the ages of 45 and 64, basically 45 and older, most of us have some0 amount . loss and probably don't recognize it.
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not realize it, it is meant what other people tell them thatea they wonder if they can hear them.r >> it is involving high-frequency, you can lose some of those higher frequencies and then misunderstand worse work before it affects your ability to hear the words to start with. >> attrition how can relate two brain function, that correlation has impressed me, people who talk indicate that they fall back a little bit are not as as engaged and i can change brain function. >> . so important kyra pringle actually pulled from another counter functions such as memory to help compensate for hearing loss soso they hearing loss and dementia until hand-in-hand if you have a modern form ofif hearing loss your dementia can be categorized as more severe .
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themselves if i am not, what are some signs to pay attention to. >> not wanting to go to places, withdrawal, he think that you may not hear so you do not want to go there such aso family functionsth and somebody sits back and does not take parts in a conversation is a sign. >> beltone does good things what can be done? >> we recommend annual hearing evaluation come in to see this changing and your ability to understand speech which is importantca . we find that there is a problem, we have so many awesome solutions we have thew digital technology with dire microphones the ability to hook up to your cell phone.
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back in the day we thought of hearing aids but it's not like that,, in so many people have the virtue really cannot see theman . you could turn down the crowd volume and can be done into sectors and cannot realize the person next to you has one. >> is most insurance cover this procedure and the actual devices . >> sandhu, and were happy to check that for everyone. >> you are missing out on life on life in some pulled beef aims to hear your grandchildren or whateverer. >> we all like to check. >> thank you for stopping by and to take a closer look at this problem that needs to be addressed,is beltone has locations
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more information visit them
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. trump has found a new way to pick on jeb bushtr. >> jeb bush .com has been hijacked by trump supporters . the web address redirects users tore donald j. trump .com, the
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presidential campaign,pt trump denies involvement in the redirect, thee jam 2016 .com is the official jeb bush campaign site. >> recent rant on twitter now we can get a chance to listen to a kanye west freak out, before going ontwan snl last weekend he was furious about staffers moving his state without asking them, listen to the rapper says he is more influential than anybody alive or in the rant, he also calls taylor swift fake . he threatened to walk off, but the show's producer loren michaels
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. lots of sunshine out there today 33 degrees, tomorrow,
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today on "the real" -- >> how would you get away with murder? >> i don't know, loni. where are you going with this? >> "how to get away with murder "oh's star is here. >> on "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute of it this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it right now right now it's our life we got a choice


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